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Aakash Capital has the right to take decisions on behalf of the client. We are not bounded to consult with the client for investment decisions. At our own discretion we invest through systematically designed models based on our experience and research. We build our Quantitative models not only based on technical and fundamental theories but also, we apply behavioral aspects to digest human weakness which ultimately helps in maximizing growth.

We accept Both Cash or Existing Stocks from your DEMAT or combination of both.

We offer below mentioned Discretionary PMS:

1) Aakash Smart Portfolio

Aakash SMART Portfolio “SMART” is an investment service that matches a best-fit portfolio based on your “Dr. Check Up” primary analysis report. Let us help you take control of your investments and grow your wealth.

Benefits are:
  • Managed by professional portfolio managers
  • Low management fee
  • Online access to your portfolio holdings
  • Strong and Active risk management
  • Daily monitoring of your holdings
  • Active and regular (monthly and quarterly) review and portfolio rebalancing.
  • Additional purchase facility & Partial Withdrawal facility

2) Akash Professional Portfolio:

Your portfolio is fully managed by our experts, who’ll rebalance it as market conditions change to keep it performing in line with your goals. You’ll have complete transparency, all the time.

Benefits are:

  • Diversification of portfolio for adequately spreading equity related risks.
  • Experienced and Professional fund management team
  • Flexibility to switch from one strategy to other
  • Online access to your portfolio holdings

3) Akash Corporate Portfolio:

This PMS Service is designed to put your investments on track for the long-term. Your portfolio will be professionally managed to ensure risk diversification and regularly rebalanced to keep you invested in assets that match with the risk profile you have selected. And with online access to your account valuation, you will always know exactly where you stand. The minimum investment required for this service is Rs 50 lakh.

4) Akash SIP:

This PMS services allows investor to invest small fraction of their investment on regular basis.

Benefits are:

  • Professional and Active Management.
  • Customized/Tailor made Investment Advice
  • Transparency
  • Better Returns

5) Akash NRN Portfolio:

This PMS not only deals with the individuals staying in Nepal but also Staying Abroad. To manage such a wide customer base all over the globe, there is an obvious need for a expertise team. Aakash capital do this for you taking care of your financial needs.

Benefits are:

  • Advice on NRN investment
  • Structuring/Restructuring of the portfolio
  • Maximizing Return while minimizing risk
  • Unbiased recommendation with assured transparency
  • Guaranteeing client Satisfaction