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  • To transfer the roles of short-term investment decisions and actions keeping your investment objectives intact
  • To expect comparatively higher rate of returns
  • To make your time available for other important tasks of your daily life and business
  • To get the financial education or the expert’s advices on the key areas of your investment and portfolio management
  • To manage your investments unbiased and professionally to develop a secure foundation for the financial future

Our Investment Strength

We believe in Investment strategy diversification than securities diversification due to high correlation of stocks in stock market. Also, we never know when the market is in Accumulation, Markup, Distribution or Markdown Phase. To catch the opportunity in every cycle and to protect our wealth from uncertainty we follow strategies that allow us to grow money in all stages and have layer of protection in uncertain environment as follows:

  • Quantitative Momentum investing Strategy
  • Quantitative Value Strategy (Mean reversion strategies) with variations
  • Different satellite strategies

Cash allocation System

  • Risk based Cash allocation system in all individual scripts
  • Market Regime Based cash allocation system in individual strategies

Such diversified strategies allow us to beat the market consistently in long term.

Global Investment Challenges

NO one in Investment is certain of uncertainty or risk, however we endeavor to survive and stand against the uncertainty in stock investing in Aakash Capital from our experience and continuous evidence based research.

Our Investment Risk Management System:

Level 1: Diversified Investment Strategies

Level 2:

a. Risk based cash allocation for individual script

b. Market Regimes based cash allocation system for strategies

Level 3: Proprietary Whole Market Regime Ranking Filter

Level 4: Proprietary Sector Ranking system

Level 5: Proprietary Stock Raking system for each strategy

Nature of Expected Risk and Return from Aakash Capital systematic Portfolios vs Random Fear-Greed Portfolios